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Fitness 101


What are calories and how do they relate to body weight and fitness?

How do I lose fat?

How many calories are in a pound of fat or muscle?

How do I find my maintenance calories?

What does "body composition" mean?

How do I build muscle?

Do I have to lift weights to get into shape?

Do I need to lift weights when losing weight?

Can I lose fat and build muscle at the same time?

I'm a very active person and I'm always on my feet, why can't I lose weight?

I eat like a pig but I can't seem to gain any weight. What's the problem?

I'm completely new to fitness and just want to get into decent shape, where do I start?

Do I need to take supplements to make progress?


What is the best routine that I can do to build muscle or lose fat?

Is it true that to tone a muscle you should train in the higher rep ranges?

Is it true that low reps are better for strength and high reps are better for hypertrophy?

What is progressive overload?

Can I build muscle with resistance bands or bodyweight exercises?

What does training volume mean?

How much volume should I do?

So what is Maximum Recoverable Volume (MRV) and Minimum Effective Volume (MEV)?

What is Reps in Reserve (RIR)?

Should I use RIR in my training?

Should I train to failure?

What does periodization mean and why is it needed?

What is autoregulation?

What is a deload?

What is percentage based training?

What are weight lifting straps?

Should I use weight lifting straps?


Do I have to eat a very healthy and clean diet to improve my physique?

What is the best diet to get in shape?

I really don't like most healthy foods, what can I do to lose weight?

Do I need to go on a low carb diet if I want to lose fat?

Do I have to track my macro-nutrients to make progress?