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Novice Momentum

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Our full body novice program is great for those just starting out or returning to lifting from a lay off who wants to build a solid strength and muscle foundation. Based on scientifically backed principals, this routine is designed to have you doing only what works to generate steady, consistent progress. This is a 12-Week, full body program that is performed 3 times a week. Every exercise included has a "no gym" alternative so that the program can be run from the comfort of your own home. This program is great for beginners who either want to lose body fat or build muscle mass. Avoid wasting time on routines not built on sound principals and get our full body program now.

Full Body Training

The routine consists of two workouts: Workout A & Workout B, which are performed on 3 non-consecutive days of the week. One week you will perform Workout A twice and Workout B once, the next you will perform Workout B twice and Workout A once. This cycle will continue alternating for 12 weeks. Each workout focuses on full body training with an intelligently designed, built in progression system that works behind the scenes to ensure consistent progress. The spreadsheet will generate up to 12-Weeks of workouts, at which point you can start the program over, take a deload or continue on to one of our routines designed for intermediate lifters.


You don't get just a program, but a full spreadsheet and program + diet guide. Here's what's included:

  • Full Body 3x week program spreadsheet. "No gym" alternative exercises. 
  • Straightforward design so you know how exactly how many sets, reps and how much load to use. 
  • Built in progression system works behind the scenes and tells you exactly when to add weight or repetitions to your lifts. Automatically generates your future workouts with minimal input required. 
  • Exercise videos showing proper form for each exercise. 
  • Full program guide which explains what goes on behind the scenes, including how the progression system functions and a full FAQ for the most common questions people have when running the routine. 
  • Flexible dieting plan generates 12-weeks of calorie and protein goals with included refeed days.

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