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Fit Philosophy is your spot to find high quality and affordable gym equipment and accessories. We are a ProsourceFit and PlateMate authorized dealer. We offer a wide range of fitness related products that will meet the needs of any fitness enthusiast. Whether you're a serious powerlifter, bodybuilder or someone who's into fitness in general, we have the equipment you're looking for! We offer fast shipping, great customer service and a 30 day money back guarantee with easy returns!

Selling high quality, affordable fitness supplies isn't our only goal here at Fit Philosophy; fitness isn't just business for us, but it is a large part of our personal lives and we are passionate about helping others, so we want to provide you with the tools needed to guarantee success on your fitness journey.
Equipment alone can only get you so far, but paired with a strong foundation of knowledge, you'll be fully equipped to take on any fitness challenge. This is why we want to share our fitness philosophy with you by sharing our Fit Encyclopedia that features a complete, science based rundown of fitness. From "what is a calorie?" to more complicated subjects like "what is training volume?", it's all there and answered in detail. We also offer free training routines ranging from novice to advanced and publish additional articles related to fitness. This can all be found on our navigation menu and we encourage you to take advantage of the information provided here for free.