ProsourceFit Olympic Barbell Clamp Collars

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The ProSourceFit Olympic Barbell Clamp Collars are a simple way to keep your plates on the bar for safer workouts. Don’t worry about weights sliding when you’re benching, squatting, or snatching – the snug fit will secure multiple plates so you can focus on form. Durable ABS plastic slides easily on and off the bar and won’t scratch the finish on your barbell, making these a great investment for home and commercial fitness centers. The simple snap lock and quick release design is simple enough to unlatch with just one hand and ensure they’re locked in place, with rubber inserts to prevent slipping. The dense, yet lightweight clip design holds up to heavy use in the gym, however any throwing, kicking, bending may void the warranty. These weightlifting collars, sold in pairs, will fit 2-inch bars are compact and lightweight to keep in your gym bag. You don’t have to waste time wandering around the gym trying to find some to use. Get straight to your barbell workout and change plates in no time with these reliable clamps, available in three color options.

  • Fits 2-inch Olympic barbells
  • Quick release clamp design saves you time and locks securely
  • Lightweight and durable for heavy use
  • Comes in a set of 2

Size: 2"

Weight: 5.2 oz per unit

Material: Reinforced polymer, Rubber inserts

Shipping Information: Ships from our US based supplier. Please allow 2-5 days for product to arrive once shipped.

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