PlateMate Magnetic Add On Micro Plate For Micro Loading Fractional Plate 1.25 lb Hex (Pair)

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Enhance your ability to progressively overload your muscles with magnetic micro plates. These magnetic add-on weights attach quickly and easily to ends of any iron dumbbells, Olympic bars, and stack weight machine plates. These micro plates adhere to metal with a very strong magnetic attachment allowing safe micro loading, so there's no fear of it falling or slipping off. 

Micro loading with PlateMate® is the safe, scientific way to build strength at beginning, intermediate and advanced exercise levels. Micro loading with PlateMates is essential at all levels. Beginners are apt to do exercises properly and avoid injury by having the option to progressively overload at smaller increments, allowing safe progression to take place.

Advanced lifters benefit because strength and muscle progress is much slower than at the beginner stages, so often times adding just a tad amount of weight is exactly what is needed to break through a plateau.. PlateMate donuts fit securely over the ends of pro-style dumbbells. PlateMates are also versatile. 

  • PlateMates are ideal for physical therapy where small increases help patients regain strength without overburdening injured muscles and tendons.
  • PlateMates are a great way to turn any non-adjustable metal dumbbells into completely adjustable dumbbells at a more affordable price than purchasing entire dumbbells for each weight increment.
  • Will adhere to one another, allowing you to stack multiple plates together.
  • The donut variation will fit over standard (1") barbells and dumbbells just as normal plates do, but will not fit over olympic sized (2") barbells and dumbbells.
  • Can be used on metal kettlebells to slowly increment the weight.

PlateMates will NOT stick to Rubber.

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