ProsourceFit Weighted Training Vest

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Used for training by athletes, cops, and military for improved strength and endurance, weighted vests challenge your body by adding an extra workload to any type of workout. But you don’t have to be in boot camp to reap its benefits. The ProSourceFit Weighted Vest is great for basic cardio workouts for intermediate and advanced fitness levels. The added weight requires your whole body to work harder, thereby increasing strength and stamina, and burning more calories. Weight can be added incrementally all the way up to 20 pounds by simply inserting 1 pound weight bags into the vest pockets. Perfect for those with a “Go big or go home!” mindset.

  • Great for a variety of training exercises
  • Adds resistance during muscle building, bodyweight exercises, and cardio activities
  • Builds overall strength, stamina and endurance
  • Made of high quality durable nylon
  • Adjustable by 1lb. increments, up to 20 lb.

Material: Nylon

Size: One size fits all 

Shipping Information: Ships from our US based supplier. Please allow 2-5 days for product to arrive once shipped.

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